“I took this course with Susan as an inservice course in the LB Public Schools. The course was excellent, as well as the instructor. It helped me understand my students, people in general, my own children and last but not least, myself. I recommend this as a personality development project for building one’s character and creating positive interpersonal relationships.” – Lori

“Susan Epstein’s personality classes based on the MBTI are exciting, thought provoking, leaving you with an abundance of knowledge.In fact, I took Susan’s classes over and over again because each time the group generated new ideas and discussions. In addition, numbers of people would stay after class to ask questions of Susan and wanting to further explore their own personalities and relationships. Talking about personality is part of my families’ conversations and integrated into our language each and every day. My son, daughter and husband learned it from me through all of the knowledge I gained from Susan’s classes. We often refer to personality types and how we can better relate to other people in our lives. I know that Susan has a great track record of helping people navigate through life’s issues and personal relationships.Susan Epstein is kind, caring and intuitive, all the ingredients for a fantastic teacher and life coach!!!” – Phyllis

“About a year and a half ago, I sought the help of Certified Life Coaches Susan Epstein and her partner and husband, Bob Epstein, with a painful problem in my life. One of my adult daughters, the one most hurt by my divorce, had stopped speaking to me. It had gone on for years. Every day, I felt the pain of isolation from my baby girl. I told Susan and Bob about my problem and my pain. They asked a few questions and shared some very sensible advice, so sensible, I should have thought of it on my own. Yet, I know without Susan and Bob, I would never have thought of their advice on my own.Within weeks of talking with Susan and Bob, my daughter and I spoke. It was awkward at first for both of us. What began as a single phone call from my daughter to me, soon became multiple text messages throughout the day, frequent phone calls, FaceTime calls, and real-world visits, more frequent before COVID. In retrospect, reconnecting with my daughter was easier than I ever dreamed possible.Susan and Bob have rare skills and the ability to empathize while highlighting practical “baby steps” to solve complex interpersonal painful problems. They changed my life and my daughter’s life, though my daughter knows nothing of my sessions with Susan and Bob. I am forever grateful to them for myself, but even more for my daughter who now, because of them, has a chance of a healthy relationship with her father. Every parent-child relationship is critical to the mental health and happiness of both parent and child.If you have a complex problem, something that causes you pain, I can recommend Susan and Bob Epstein without reservation. You will quickly find them to be compassionate, knowledgeable, capable, and practical.” – David

“Susan’s workshops have helped me to understand that different personality types may have very different perspectives as they experience life through different lenses. She encourages participants to identify and explore further what personality components may be driving oneself, as well as others. In some situations, Susan works with her husband Bob Epstein, also a life coach. Their professional and compassionate style as life coaches, make it very easy to trust and share as they facilitate self-reflection and offer support and skills that help us to identify and celebrate all personality types. One of their mantras is “there are no bad temperaments.” They build on this by supporting clients in finding win – win solutions to resolve conflicts, as opposed to right- wrong, dead-end scenarios.I highly recommend Susan Epstein and I look forward to future sessions. It has truly led me to a deeper understanding of myself and others, resulting in improved communication and intimacy in all of my relationships. Life Changing!!” – Dee

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